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Build powerful web applications, enterprise portals, and scalable web channels to enhance your business agility and digital outreach. From identifying the best technology stack to planning your transformation roadmap, Vofox works with some of the best minds in the business to create the most dynamic web applications needed for the businesses of today. Contact Vofox web development agency for the best web design and development services.

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Being the leading web development agency in the United States, Vofox Inc. specializes in developing client-centric solutions using cutting-edge technologies, top-notch frameworks, and robust agile methodologies. Whether you are looking to develop a SaaS application to meet the needs of our customers or update an existing enterprise business application to steer your business growth, Vofox is your one-stop shop. As one of the best web development companies, our techniques are tried and tested well enough in the market for long-term viability and future scalability. Vofox has the best technology resources in the industry that pioneer Front End Development, content management, software and web development, mobile application development, progressive web applications, e-commerce, etc.

Why Choose Vofox Web Development Company?

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Web development can be often a challenging technology task to accomplish. From finding the right Web developers, choosing the best platform to meet the requirements and having the perfect talent pool for development, support and maintenance there is a list of endless parameters in the checklist.

Our primary focus is to hear from the client regarding his expectations and then match them up to the requirements on the ground as well as the budget in hand. We design, develop, and deliver competitive solutions without compromising on the quality of our product, and our price has been so far unbeatable in the market.

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We design your website, web app or mobile app in a way that it embodies your brand. We are a high-end Custom Web development company. Our designers bring in a high level of expertise in creating intuitive UX/ UI designs in the latest responsive frameworks like bootstrap, foundation etc using technologies like HTML5, SASS (syntactically awesome style sheets) and so on. We internalize the workflow from our discussion with the client and create digital, simplified wireframes to provide a visual aid to it. Once the wireframes are approved, we create a dynamic prototype which can help the clients to get an understanding of how the final output would be.

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Vofox, one of the best web development agency in the United States offers development in AngularJS, React JS, Vue JS, Node JS, MVC, WPF, C#, PHP,Asp.Net, React Native, Xamarin, Android, iOS, Open Cart, Magento and so on. Once we understand the technical requirements of the project, Our certified scrum masters follow a systematic software development process that upholds your timeline and budget.

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Vofox uses modern user interface and promising technologies to provide end to end application services, from microservice applications to SaaS applications. Our team follows a quality-driven process using the scrum methodology to deliver desirable results.

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What do we serve?

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Progressive Web applications

Our elite team of Web developers at Vofox create feature rich progressive web applications that can render a native-app like experience to the users. We build progressive web applications in Magento, Angular, Vue and React that can provide an enriched experience to the end users.

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SaaS Applications

Vofox as a web development company in USA has extensive experience in creating commercial SaaS applications with minimal investments. We can build a SaaS solution for you in, PHP, Python, Angular, Vue, React, AWS, AZURE and Google Cloud. Our technical team comes up with great knowledge in creating scalable and easy to use SaaS applications that can garner the right audience in no time.

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Custom Web Applications

Vofox creates custom web applications that are highly scalable and can satisfy your ever changing business demands . As one of the best website development company, we can help you in achieving optimal results with intuitive UI/ UX design and suitable architecture that can provide best performance. Our developers write custom code in, PHP, Python, Angular, Vue, React, AWS, AZURE and Google cloud that can assimilate your unique business needs.

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Front end and back end development

A feature rich front end and a robust back end are two important factors that will determine the success of a web application. We create custom made application program interfaces with exclusive admin features in the backend using, PHP, Python, Angular, Vue, React, AWS, AZURE and Google cloud experience to the end users.

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CMS Website development

Vofox web development company offers high end CMS web development services for creating high performing websites that can help you reach a larger audience. We offer CMS web development services in Wordpress, Drupal,Joomla and Umbraco. We can help you achieve good conversion for your website through our extensive CMS customization services.

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API Integration

The optimal integration of application program interface is important for seamless interaction between data, applications and devices. It also helps in increasing application efficiency. Vofox provides API integration services across all payment gateways like Paypal, Mollie, Stripe, Skrill, Dragonpay, Asiapay etc and for Google APIs, Pandadoc, Yahoo APIs, Twillio, Autodesk Cloud API's and other third party APIs.

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E-commerce solutions

Vofox has immense experience in creating extensively customized e-commerce applications that seamlessly fits your industry-specific needs in the digital marketplace. We build sophisticated e-commerce applications in Magento, Shopify,Opencart, Wordpress and Prestashop. We can help you set up a fully functional online store or augment the technical capacity of the existing one.

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Website Designing

Set your digital presence with an intuitive website that has trending UI designs and latest web technologies. We create high end web designs using cutting edge technologies like HTML5, JS, CSS3 and bootstrap. Vofox’s team of skilled designers can create compelling designs for your website that can help in easier analytics reporting,more mobile traffic and lower bounce rates.

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What sets us apart from competitors?

Out of the box Thinking

We put our best minds at work to ensure that we understand your requirements with extreme clarity. We instrument solutions that would cater to specific business needs of each customer. Vofox team believes in creating client-centric solutions that can optimize the business, ensure customer satisfaction and solves any possible business challenges.

Ongoing communication channel

At Vofox, we believe that every idea is a good idea. We uphold the same concept with the customers as well. We are all ears to every idea and suggestion you might have during the web development process. We always encourage an open channel of communication with our clients. Our team gather feedback from the clients at every stage so that we never miss out on any part of the client’s requirement and ensure complete customer satisfaction at the time of final delivery.

Offers the best in the market

Every member of the Vofox team is a constant learner. We always keep an eye out to tap into any new technology that comes up in the market. We constantly work on upgrading and improvising in all areas of work to make sure that none of our customers has to make any compromises in keeping up with the evolving trends in technology.

Vofox Development Cycle

Our web development cycle is sequenced precisely to keep up with the client expectations at every stage.

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Requirement Analysis

We consider every client’s requirement as a unique one. At the beginning of every project, we conduct adequate market study so that we can understand a client’s business domain better. We look into different details like the services they provide, their target audience etc. This research helps us devise a customized strategy for developing the right solution that would cater to our client’s requirement. Once the research is complete our team creates complete documentation along with the project estimate and submits the proposed solution to the client.

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Prototyping and Designing

In a digital marketplace, every brand needs to be unique. The design plays a key role in setting the identity of a brand. We put in our best efforts to provide every client with a unique online brand identity. We create Screenwise wireframes and also create a clickable dynamic prototype which is a visual representation of the project. Once the prototype is approved we proceed with the designing of the solution. Our UI designers share design mockups and samples with the client and fine-tune even the minute details to get it into perfection.

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Our developers follow the agile methodology throughout the development. The development phase includes sprint planning, daily and weekly scrum meetings. Our development team does sprint review and refinement from time to time to ensure that the product backlog is cleaned up and updated. We ensure that the solution under development has total compatibility with all the design elements that are approved by the client.

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Quality Analysis and Deployment

Our QA experts carry out different levels of checks to ensure that the final output completely meets the expectation of the client. At this stage, our team take up different types of functional and non-functional testing such as Unit Testing, Integration testing, Smoke testing, stress testing, load testing performance testing etc. We also carry out automated testing at every stage of development to weed out any possible bugs or errors before we finalize on our end result. Once the solution is deployed we keep up a continuous interaction with our clients to ensure smooth transition post-deployment.

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Maintenance and support

A well maintained online presence is a crucial element for business continuity. As a part of maintenance and support, we conduct a timely review of the solution. We provide suggestions and recommendations for future scalability. We deploy resources who can provide prompt support in case of any concerns.

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