RPG Code And Database Modernization

Is your legacy RPG Code and database hindering the progress of your digital transformation? Are you worried about disruptions to your business for any modernization initiatives? Vofox’s dedicated RPG code and database modernization services is the right answer to your questions. Our experience in enterprise RPG code and database modernization will enable you to quickly evolve your legacy applications into modern digital systems without any disruptions or business impact. Automated code modernization ensures agile, cost-effective, and accurate migration to new languages and databases.

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Why RPG Code Modernization?

Database modernization and code modernization with automated tools empower your system to be accessible to new, non-IBM i programmers while maintaining the business processes, functionality, and structure of the applications. IBM applications have been serving many organizations across different business verticals for decades. Currently, the market is witnessing the modernization of legacy IBM applications into different trending technologies. The key reasons for modernization are unavailability of RPG subject matter experts and support/maintenance resources in the market as well as incompatibility of older programming languages with modern technologies. A major share of the world’s business data is run in outdated programming languages. RPG code and Database modernization helps organizations overcome such shortfalls and maintain a competitive business position in the market.

The modernization of applications from RPG, Synon to MVC, C#, Dot Net etc helps companies take advantage of the latest technologies. Code and Database Modernization also helps in easy integration of applications across all latest platforms. The readily available staff with a niche skill set in modern programming languages makes the maintenance and support of the IT systems hassle-free. RPG Code modernization improvises the agility of the application and makes it more scalable. Modernized applications can be effectively used across the web and mobile devices and this helps businesses in reaching a greater number of users. The improved code increases the performance of the modernized application and makes it robust enough to fit into the modern IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Code and Database Modernization

Easy integration of IBM applications to the modern IT infrastructure

Hassle-free support and maintenance using readily available resources

Increased agility and scalability

Modernized applications can be implemented in modern software architecture

Need for RPG Database Modernization

IBM applications are well known for their scalability, reliability and robustness. However, in the modern world of information technology, they are considered as “ legacy “ applications due to the lack of system agility. One of the main factors that limit the agility of the IBM application is the aging database. Today,businesses demand a higher volume of data to be processed by applications in a limited turn around time. The applications require more data storage and processing capacity in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the business. The database modernization is the best solution to seamlessly run the data-hungry applications.

IBM is no longer making the latest database features available in DDS. Therefore, it is important to migrate from DDS to DDL in order to take advantage of the latest IBM database features. Code modernization and Database modernization allows users to run their application queries with limited IT support thereby increasing user productivity. The available IT resources can be used for other tasks. Database modernization is a phased migration process from hierarchical database structures to a relational database system. Being a phased process, there is less chance for data corruption or loss. This is a cost-effective method and the application can be run in the system without any downtime during database modernization.Contact Vofox for database and code modernization services.

Benefits of Database Modernization

Integration of information assets into a common reporting and analytical environment

Readily available resources for database maintenance and support

Increased visibility of cross-enterprise activities

High user productivity and effective utilization of IT support resources

Legacy System vs Modernized System

Legacy System
Modernized System

Primitive versions of IBM applications cannot process high volumes of data

Modernized applications can process a high volume of data and are scalable

Technology resources using IBM applications need knowledge in RPG, COBOL

SQL programmers can effectively handle modernized applications

Legacy databases in IBM iseries do not support current industry standards and cannot be integrated with modern software architecture

SQL databases are the latest industry standard and can be easily integrated across other platforms

Legacy databases have DDS as the data source which no longer support the latest IBM database features

Modernized databases have DDL as the data source and have all the latest database features

Legacy databases cannot be automated due to unavailability of supporting tools

Modernized databases can be automated using the latest tools

Any modification to legacy application code can easily cause significant and undesirable change in the core functionality of the application

Modernized applicatoins can be modified without affecting the core functionality of the application

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