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Have you faced trouble in recruiting, scaling, managing, and training developers because IT is not your core business service? Vofox’s dedicated staff augmentation services can take care of your IT staffing needs on demand. As a leading IT staffing agency, Vofox can help you build your own dedicated talent pool onshore and offshore to help build newer digital capabilities faster with our cost-effective delivery models. Contact us to know more about Vofox IT staff augmentation service.

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Trusted IT Staff Augmentation Services

The technology industry witnesses innovations every day. Owing to the complexity of business, the demands of an IT organization are continually changing. This paves the way for the increasing number of projects that are bound by factors such as time, budget, and technology specifications. The success of an IT organization directly depends on the completion of such projects within the budget in the stipulated time. However, sourcing the right candidates and providing them with adequate training required for the projects is a tedious task. Hiring, training, and attrition management of resources require a huge amount of time and cost. IT staffing for short-term and long-term projects has become a top priority in any IT organization. Vofox’s IT Staff augmentation services help you expedite your time-to-market cycle by taking away the hassles of a traditional staffing process. The main challenge faced by any IT organization in making a project successful is the difficulty in finding talented technical resources at the right time. Vofox provides a flexible Team Augmentation model allowing the clients to staff their projects without investing time in onboarding and training. As a leading staff augmentation company in the United States, Vofox assigns dedicated developers to each client and thereby ensures high productivity. Your IT staffing needs are completely taken care of by our extensive range of senior professionals.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process

staff augmentation services

Client shares the requirement for resources with Vofox

Vofox provides a full-fledged resource pool for technical selection

staff augmentation

The client chooses a winning team of technical talent

staff augmentation services

Vofox provides continuous support to ensure a seamless engagement

What do you get?

In today’s competitive business scenario, IT organizations find it difficult to onboard technical resources in a project within the allocated time. The success of a project is determined based on its timely completion within the budget. However, the quality of the project should not be compromised to maintain the timeline. Choosing the best staff augmentation service providers can help you overcome your IT staffing challenges and come up with a detailed strategy to achieve your organization’s goals. IT staff augmentation services are key to achieving a competitive edge in this domain. Vofox's staff augmentation and IT staffing services allow you to hire a dedicated developer of your choice without being worried about any organizational or administrative hassles.

Vofox’s IT Staff Augmentation process

Most of the IT organizations may not have a fully-fledged in-house technical team. In a situation where such technical talent with adequate experience is in demand, Vofox can be a one-stop shop. Vofox has a team of talented professionals in software development, testing, business analysis, etc., providing top-notch IT staff augmentation services all over the world.

As soon as a client shares the requirement for technical resources, Vofox gathers a winning team of candidates who can be personally assessed by the client. When it comes to Vofox’s IT staff augmentation services, the client can choose the resources from our on-site, on-shore (remote location in the US), and offshore resource pool and they will be closely engaged with the concerned technical team members at the client’s end. Outsourcing of projects involves its share of risks in terms of the assigned resources being engaged in multiple projects at a time, disparities in the work quality, etc. Vofox allows you to take the best advantage of team augmentation / Staff augmentation services in the USA by assigning dedicated resources to each project and thereby ensuring minimal time to market cycle, thus making us one of the top IT staffing agencies in the United States. Our IT staff augmentation services are designed to improve the quality of your projects by adding talented IT resources with specific abilities. All the augmented resources would be under the Vofox payroll allowing the client to entirely focus on their productivity.

it staff augmentation

The ideal strategy to form a highly efficient and productive technical team for any kind of project.

it staff augmentation

Effective monitoring of the efficiency of augmented resources to ensure 100% ROI.

staff augmentation

Hassle-free execution of the project with an adequate number of resources at any point of time.

staff augmentation company

Implicit solution for the management of resource attrition and other administrative glitches.

staff augmentation services

100% security to the entire project information including code/ technology.

Advantages of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Outsourcing IT staffing services offers several benefits. Team augmentation services or Staff augmentation from Vofox provides a cutting edge for IT companies in a variety of ways.

staff augmentation


Every project has a specific technical requirement and budget associated with it. It might not be feasible for an IT organization to find qualified and experienced technical resources from multiple streams of technology within the allocated time. Team augmentation services or hiring a dedicated developer will take care of such organizational hassles. Every resource assigned to a client is well-trained by a team of experts from the industry. For a very cost-effective development, you can also utilize Vofox's offshore development team.

staff augmentation services

High Productivity

One of the main setbacks of project outsourcing is that the resources are assigned to multiple projects at the same time. In team augmentation or Staff augmentation plan, each resource is assigned to a specific project to ensure 100 % productivity. While the client can manage the team as per their project cycle, Vofox takes care of the workforce management in all the IT aspects.

it staff augmentation


Requirements of resources for each project is different in terms of number, skill sets and time zones in which they have to be available. Vofox can deploy resources on-site, on-shore and offshore based on the need of the customer. The augmented team would engage with the clients in the respective time zones.

staff augmentation

Full Fledged Resource Pool

Recruitment is a tedious process in itself. It is difficult to source, hire and train technical resources and maintain the timeline of the project. Vofox has a fully-fledged resource pool across multiple technologies/programming languages at any point in time. Each of these resources is carefully sourced, hired and well trained not only to perform as an individual contributor but also to collaborate well with your in-house team.

staff augmentation services


Scaling of resources during a project cycle can happen more than once. If hiring happens through the traditional staffing process, timely scalability becomes a difficult task. On the other hand, Vofox allows the clients to augment or downsize the team based on the project requirement. At any point in time, if a client feels that the augmented team is utilization or requires more workforce, Vofox can act upon it in no time. This feature of IT Staff augmentation / team augmentation helps in effective attrition management. Vofox also makes timely recommendations to the clients based on the utilization of augmented resources if the team size needs to be adjusted for a better ROI. Any resource that underperforms in a particular project will be immediately replaced.

staff augmentation


All the terms agreed between Vofox and the client is covered in the Team Augmentation contract. In addition to this, a non- disclosure agreement is also signed to ensure the security of the code/technology which would be accessed by the augmented team. The NDA also reassures the client that none of the project information would be revealed to the competition by any of the augmented resources.

Staff Augmentation Vs Project Outsourcing

Staff Augmentation
Project Outsourcing

On-going engagement with resources

staff augmentation services
No engagement with resources

High quality of work using dedicated resources

it staff augmentation
Disparities in work quality due to lack of focus

Easy integration with the internal process

staff augmentation
Complex integration with internal process and high demand for business-IT alignment

Cost-effective irrespective of budget

it staff augmentation
Not cost-effective in smaller projects

Effective leverage of internal resources for faster project completion

staff augmentation services
Minimal control over the project execution

Prompt internal acceptance

it staff augmentation
Possible internal resistance due to fear of job security

Why Vofox for Staff Augmentation/IT Staffing Services

Choosing the right IT staffing company offers endless possibilities. Vofox’s on-demand IT staffing services are reliable and cost-effective to boost your in-house productivity. Partnering with Vofox helps you save time and money for your organization. We help you overcome IT staffing challenges to meet your company’s objectives and respond to business needs. If you are looking for professional IT staffing services, reach out to Vofox and choose from our bench of talented professionals. As a leading IT staffing company, Vofox focuses on providing the most talented resources for your organization. Our leadership in the IT staffing services helps you to access a skilled pool of talent. Whether you're looking for a trusted IT staffing company near you, Vofox is here to help you get the best IT staffing services to upgrade your business.

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