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Today, every business makes the best use of information technology to stay ahead of the competition. It is important that every technology plan is well aligned with business strategies for the growth and expansion of the organization. IT strategy services helps an organization to identify the role of technology in a business strategy. In today’s digital market place, a business strategy will not be successful without sufficient technology support. Business and IT strategies have to complement each other for a positive outcome.

Over the last decade, the market has witnessed a remarkable advancement in the field of information technology. Organizations are using technology applications to help manage almost all areas of their business. Many corporates are making promising investments in IT so that their business becomes more robust. This progress in technology has helped organizations to achieve exponential growth, a competitive business position and increased productivity.

We believe that, all the technologies might not be the right fit for every businesses. Even though organizations are keen on making more investments in IT, they are also aware that identifying the right technology that fits their business strategies is the key to organizational success. Vofox IT strategy consulting services help you in connecting these dots between technology planning and business planning.

Why Vofox IT Strategy Services ?

Vofox believes that an effective IT strategy can be formulated only if we can understand the client’s business. Therefore our primary focus is to get a clear understanding of your business. These days many companies face a significant gap between business planning and technology planning resulting in a failure to allocate the right budget towards their technology requirements. At times companies spend a major share of their IT budget just supporting their existing infrastructure. Our main objectives are to help you arrive at an optimum budget to achieve your profit goals as well as never let you fall behind the competition.

Every business makes progress by taking the right business initiatives at the right time. A business initiative needs adequate support in terms of not just technology but infrastructure as well to be successful. While Vofox’s primary objective is in devising the technology project that can complement your business initiative, we also focus on ensuring that the infrastructure in place is capable enough to carry out the technology project by our IT strategy consulting services.

A technology project needs planning, prioritization and adequate resources to guarantee a successful delivery. Your Vofox team will design a well thought out IT strategy to not only meet each of these parameters but also to uncover and address any unforeseen challenges and issues that might come along way.

How Vofox helps?

Vofox follows a step by step method in delivering IT strategy services.

Understand the business of the customer including short term and long term business objectives

Devise technology projects to achieve business objectives

Derive optimal budgets for successful project completion, support and maintenance

Assess and upgrade the IT infrastructure to support the technology projects

Comprehend the technology project with the right planning,prioritization, resource pool and buffer to address any unforeseen challenges

Access experienced talents in design, business and technology with the perfect set of skills to meet your business objectives.

In a technology landscape, any IT strategy is subject to changes based on the emergence of new advancements. Vofox helps you to formulate IT strategies keeping these possible advances in mind for future scalability. Over the last few years, IT has transformed from being an execution asset in business to an intelligence asset providing many valuable perspectives for the management. Through our IT strategy consulting services, We help organizations to understand the benefits, that the right technology can provide in their business to achieve their business goals.

Our Approach as IT Strategy Consultants

As mentioned above, we follow a six-step method in delivering IT strategy services. Each step includes a predefined set of parameters. At the initial stage, we not only just focus on understanding a client’s business but also the growth plans, acquisition plans, expansion plans etc. We believe that a clear understanding of all these aspects helps us in devising a customized technology plan. A business objective can be a present-day requirement that can steer the pace of the company amidst the competition or an upcoming business initiative for growth. In both cases, the key element that will contribute towards its success is the complementing technology.

We make sure that the technology projects of our clients are well prioritized based on the project plan so as to ensure business continuity. In an IT-enabled business model, every IT strategy is dependent on multiple factors such as infrastructure commitments, system upgrades, service contracts etc. Our approach as the best IT strategy consultants in USA is to ensure that your IT infrastructure is agile enough to undertake all of your technology projects without much refinement.

IT Strategy Process

An effectively planned IT strategy can add value to the business in various ways such as faster go to market, better customer experience, large scale data analytics and real-time data collection. We design exclusive IT strategies based on customer’s business and technology requirements. We know that a static IT strategy plan might not essentially impact the business positively. Therefore we keep our project design open to any future changes in business, technology or the economy itself.

Our IT strategy process is standardized and covers all the aspects of technology planning and business planning required for an organization. However, we ensure that the IT strategy that we devise for a customer is fluid enough to incorporate future advances.

With Vofox as part of your team will jointly

Assess alignment between your technology and business

Identify the gaps between IT and business objectives

Create IT projects based on business drivers

Assess and upgrade IT systems to complement the technology project

Prioritize technology projects based on business objectives

Assess options for project implementation

Develop IT migration plans without affecting business continuity

Modulate the IT strategy for a seamless alignment by the organization

Manage projects in a manner that is in sync with businesses overall strategic drivers

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