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Are you looking for the best support for your existing RPG applications or the right partner who can handhold you with your modernized RPG solution?
Then you have come to the right spot. Vofox can provide high-quality maintenance and support services for all your existing as well as modernized RPG applications. We have a team of expert RPG developers and production support team for RPG maintenance and support services in USA.

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Usage of Agile Methodology

RPG Application Maintenance and Support Services

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Our services

Maintenance Consulting

Vofox provides maintenance consultation for your existing RPG applications in terms of evaluating and assessing the on-going maintenance efforts. Our team analyses the source code and suggests necessary measures to retain the quality and efficacy of the existing RPG applications.

Quality Analysis

We ensure that the quality of your RPG solution is top-notch through different layers of security testing such as automation testing, manual testing, workflow testing etc.

Applications Bug Fixing

Vofox follows all the major technical protocols that can identify all major bugs in your RPG application and effectively resolve them.

Implementation Of Changes/ Enhancements

We have a team of highly skilled resources who can accomplish any form of enhancement or change requests for your RPG application effectively as well as to conduct an impact analysis on every request accomplished so as to make the supporting modifications in the background.

Why Is Vofox The Right Partner For Your RPG Support And Maintenance

Highly skilled RPG developers

Standard and acclaimed technical protocols

Usage of agile methodology

Effective communication with utmost transparency

Timely and cost-effective support services

Highly driven support team

Increased ROI

Seamless business continuity

Eminent scalability options

Maintenance As A Service (MaaS)

Vofox provides an exclusive service model, Maintenance as a Service or MaaS that helps you to avail maintenance and support services based on your requirement.

Existing RPG Application

We offer maintenance services that can make your RPG application future proof and provide extensive enhancement opportunities. Our team follows all the modern RPG techniques such as using RPG IV instead of RPG/400 code, structuring the RPG code using procedures making it more readable and understandable. This helps in accomplishing enhancement requests and bug fixes much faster.

Modernized RPG Applications

Vofox provides maintenance services for your modernized applications in terms of technical support, managing ticketed query system, assisting with system integrations and keeping an updated and comprehensive database of the queries and resolutions Need to know more about RPG modernization RPG modernization Click here.

RPG production support

Exclusive support services by Vofox which is used successfully by many clients.

The Maintenance as a Service model that we offer helps you to choose the right mode of maintenance services that can help you keep up the business continuity.

RPG Bugs and Issue Maintenance

API bugs in RPG

RPI logical bugs and functional bugs

Application Crash in RPG

GUI related bugs in RPG

Browser compatibility bugs in RPG

Database Bugs in DB2

System-related bugs

Software service pack

Continuous Quality

The cost of developing an application is directly connected to any software defects that might come in the way. Identifying and resolving errors at the production phase is far more difficult than doing the same at the design and coding phases. As a standard practice to retain continuous quality, our team conducts quality checks at each stage of development and automate the process of quality verification to the best way possible and avoid reiteration of the efforts.

The Tests That The Vofox Team Conducts to Retain Continuous Quality Is,

RPG Integration testing

System Testing

Sanity Testing

RPG Interface Testing

Regression testing

RPG Application Beta/ Acceptance testing

Source Code Analysis or SCA

The legacy RPG applications used to follow a fixed format coding method which used to be defined in specific columns with a specific syntax. A minor misplace would trigger an error and would need humungous debugging efforts to resolve it. With the legacy RPG code, it was difficult to understand the program logic and assess the quality of the code. Even with the free form of coding, many declarations and data procedures have been in a columnar syntax. Since there has been a shortage of high-skilled RPG resources in the market, the challenge is even bigger. The latest version of the free- form RPG syntax has made on-boarding of new generation developers easier compared to the legacy code.

Source Code Analysis, an integral part of the ‘RPG code base audit’

As a part of a code audit process, Vofox conducts a complete metadata overview of the entire code base and conduct a deeper level analysis and integrity check. In source code analysis our team use specific rules and metrics to reinforce the acclaimed standard of coding practices.

Scale your RPG Application

Scalability is an important aspect of any application’s life cycle. The usage of free form of coding, structuring the code through procedures and using RPGLE or RPGIV instead of RPG/400 makes the RPG syntax more akin to that of modern languages and provides enormous possibilities for scaling up your application. Vofox has a team of highly skilled RPG resources who can make your application more resilient as well as highly scalable.

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