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    Intetelligent Document Extraction

    Our highly intelligent RPA bots are built to precisely detect and extract data points from multiple documents at very high speeds. This eliminates the need for your workers to take tedious amounts of time to manually read and extract meaningful data from documents such as invoices and purchase orders, to name a few. Document Information Extraction from SAP is part of SAP AI Business Services portfolio offering. Being a pre-trained service, it leverages deep-learning algorithms to extract structured semantical information from unstructured documents, at the same time, specialized models are available for the most common document types to provide even better extraction results and additional capabilities.

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    Workflow Management

    We automate your workflows by taking your predefined business rules to automatically trigger various actions for completing activities, such as approving a document or capturing a signature. By using virtual workspaces such as Citrix, we can fully automate your manual tasks to reduce human error, remove bottlenecks, boost productivity, secure document access, and streamline content collaboration. Being a leading RPA service provider with ample experience in the industry, our team knows how to integrate Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint with RPA tools to automate the daily tasks performed with these softwares that previously required manual, time-consuming labor.

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    Cogntitive RPA Automation

    Our various Cognitive RPA solutions leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text Analytics, and Machine Learning to improve the experience of your workforce and customers. We also apply cognitive automation for other system enhancements such as learning (acquiring information and contextual rules for using information), reasoning (using context and rules to reach conclusions), and self-correction (learning from successes and failures).

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    Identification Of RPA Use Cases & Prioritization

    We have a team of specialists who can carry out the identification of RPA use cases that can be instantly implemented into existing business processes and systems to make automation seamless and simple. Identification of RPA use cases is an important step that we carry out before automation as it helps to evaluate the automation potential that can be carried out within the scope of RPA use cases. We also power our bots to work on a priority-basis so that crucial tasks are handled without delay.

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    Bot Maintenance & Support

    We promptly address bots that report or produce errors while minimizing downtime. Already existing bots will be maintained regularly and the issues that arise in their functioning will be supported and fixed in a prompt manner. We also make sure to do the diagnostic work necessary to understand where and why the error occurred and then take the corrective actions needed to fix the bot(s). Thus, we ensure that the bots run perfectly around the clock.

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    Traditional RPA

    Our RPA developers offer traditional automation services that involve data and screen-scrapping techniques which deal with unstructured data. Using traditional RPA, we can help you migrate large quantities of data between systems at speeds greater than the limitations of cognitive RPA bots.

Why Choose

Robotic Process Automation


RPA Solutions to Scale Up Your Business

Implementing RPA in the system can help organizations to develop strong compliance procedures while clearing up the time and effort of employees who can be utilized for other priority tasks. Automation offers a new degree of control, allowing your business to track and control internal business operations and expand its growth in the process.

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Intelligent Process Optimization

In order to achieve rapid automation in your business process, we combine RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to make use of Intelligent Automation (IA). To scale up your business processes by orders of magnitude, our Intelligent Automation process combines RPA and cognitive technologies to make use of rapid task execution and analytics at the same time.

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Diverse RPA Implementation

We understand the demand that drives your organization to adopt more modern approaches in your business operations. By integrating our RPA automation techniques into your back-end operations, your business will be able to increase the exponential growth of its relevant metrics.


RPA Technologies

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    Microsoft Power
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Benefits Of RPA

Business Benefits Of RPA

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Increased Efficiency

Implementing RPA in a business can boost efficiency by automating repetitive tasks to reduce the risk of human error. RPA can execute the same amount of work in a lesser duration. RPA robots can complete more volume of work in that same duration.

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Increased Efficiency

Because RPA is ideal for handling stable, rules-based business processes, it allows employees to skip the data entry, reducing labor costs while optimizing workforce usage for lower costs and higher revenues all at once.

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Improved Accuracy

As a productivity tool, RPA not only releases human potential and accelerates manual processes, but also shrinks the error-margin at a large scale.

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Greater Scalability

This includes support for large numbers of RPA robots working together to carry out many instances of your business process. It also includes a way to easily change which business process each of your robots is executing, letting them work on different processes at different times.

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Improved User Experience

These days RPA should be considered as a viable and best practice solution for improving UX in complex digital products to help people switch from following processes and being supported by technology, to technology following processes that users supervise.

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Improved Business Agility

Our popular RPA solutions can identify opportunities where your business can automate repetitive and manual departmental or enterprise-wide processes. We can help you achieve large cost savings in addition to process improvement benefits by scaling our RPA solutions across multiple sites

Why Vofox for RPA Development?

We represent a forward-thinking organization specialized in delivering cutting-edge software solutions that rank high in terms of customer experience while also offering extensive functionality. With years of nuanced expertise in bot creation and maintenance, data extraction, and optimizing workflow efficiency, our teams are the perfect partners to collaborate with clients and business partners in order to bring about customized, impactful RPA solutions for business and customer needs.

Robotic Process Automation

Product Engineering

Our products are designed with the strictest quality standards that assure our clients with highly functional applications that achieve the best results.

RPA Solutions


Agile approaches assist our RPA teams in their responses towards enhancement, feedback, empirical data, and unpredictability that is often encountered in iterative and incremental workflows.

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Continuous Integration

As our aim is to maintain and upgrade apps and solutions as fast as possible, we reduce time to market by integrating new code into the mainline code in a continuous and swift manner.

Our RPA Case Studies

We take pride in building some of the best technology solutions that have augmented revenue for our clients. Have a look.

What Makes Us Your Reliable
Robotic Process Automation Partner?

Our skilled expertise in RPA development services is the go-to option for businesses and enterprises that require world-class automation functionalities in their processes.


Our team is very sensitive about the risks involved in setting up RPA solutions and is fully aware of compliance needs that go along with such projects. We provide top-level security assessment, security strategies and roadmaps, and application security features while performing thorough monitoring, data encryption, access control, routine penetration, and the like.

Agile Development Approach

Our in-house team of scrum masters, RPA developers, and product owners are inculcated with an agile mindset, continuously improving upon feedback offered by our clients to provide the best return on investment.


We ensure that our RPA solutions come with frequent and regular feature additions and updates so that you can rest easy knowing that the stability and performance of bots are always maintained.

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Performance Metrics

We design our RPA applications with a keen eye on performance metrics which include (but are not limited to) response time, apdex score, load capacity, scalability in the event of traffic surge, page load speeds, load times, etc.

Client Engagement

We are known for constantly asking for and considering your inputs during the entire duration of the RPA application development cycle, thus ensuring that our services are improved on the basis of continuous and constant feedback that aligns with the needs of your business.

RPA Software Development & Consulting Team

Our highly capable RPA development team makes use of deep tech and cutting-edge innovations in both the strategizing and building of custom RPA solutions for our clients. These capabilities are further magnified by making use of the agile development approach.

Hire Expert RPA Software Developers

We have a perfectly transparent hiring system that allows you to choose from our pool of highly skilled RPA professionals who offer brilliant consultation and development when it comes to business automation.


Frequently Asked Questions

RPA is a way of utilising software and applications to build, manage and deploy software robots (usually called “bots”) to emulate the human actions involved when interacting with electronic systems and programs.

While unstructured data is a collection of different types of data stored in varied formats, structured data in contrast consists of highly specific information stored in a single pre-determined format. RPA software has to be carefully designed so as to adeptly lift meaningful information from the former as compared to the latter.

Computer vision is a branch of artificial intelligence that mimics human vision to derive meaningful data from visual information such as images and videos. This allows digital systems such as computers to see, observe and understand visual information.

Natural language processing aims to enable digital systems to understand and process human speech and written language. This can be achieved by analyzing audio and textual data using rule-based methods and algorithms.

Process Discovery tools are ML-based tools that help in the identification of business processes, while recording all possible variations using algorithms which can then be used to make recommendations for process automation. Process Discovery tools also help design automated workflows, making the automation planning quicker and more efficient.

Our Next Step

Want us to automate your business? Here’s what we will do


Our RPA business analysts will reach out to you and conduct a detailed automation feasibility study before mining the processes that will be suitable for automation.


We make sure to capture all your requirements to the smallest detail.


Our expert team will promptly create an estimate/budget as well as the ETA by showcasing the ROI.


We sign an NDA to assure complete confidentiality upon your approval of the estimate.


The project kicks off - with your inputs and consensus factored into every aspect of the project.

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