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Digitally transform your IBM iSeries business applications to support the latest technologies to overcome traditional RPG resource availability with our modernization services. For many organizations, IBM application modernization is a more sensible approach than expensive and risky alternatives such as migrating to an entirely new system. Vofox IBM i series modernization solutions enable businesses to add new workflows, user experiences, workflows, and capabilities with little impact on the source code. We ensure that there is no disruption in your core business services during the modernization process. Contact Vofox for IBM i modernization services in USA.

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Why modernize the IBM iSeries applications?

Digital disruption, outdated technologies, new opportunities, an aging workforce, and impaired employee productivity are IBM Application Modernization a necessity.The legacy software applications have been a part of many IT infrastructures for more than two decades. IBM ISeries/ AS400 is a legacy application server well known for its scalability, reliability, robustness and security features. Today the AS400 applications are facing many business challenges such as lack of documentation, unavailability of subject matter experts, maintenance and support resources in RPG, high overhead cost for maintenance etc. The ultimate solution to these business challenges is the modernization of legacy systems using the latest technologies and with rich dashboards/GUI to maintain a competitive business position in the market.The new-age IBM i series/AS400 modernization processes enable your company to keep up with the ongoing innovation for greater results.

Businesses always look for modern, agile systems for improved growth. IBM i Modernization empowers to become competent, adaptable, and explore new routes to the new markets with its solid foundation. Vofox has inherent expertise in green screen modernization to modern stand-alone applications using the latest programming languages such as MVC, C# and We also have proven expertise in migrating legacy applications into web and mobile platforms using javascript frameworks like ANGULAR, REACT, VUE.JS etc. The modernized applications can be seamlessly integrated with any platform or interface. AS400 applications store a large volume of data and are structured based on a core business logic. Many such applications drive a major revenue in the business.
Vofox ensures that modernization can be achieved without compromising the real structure of the application, retaining the business logic as well as avoiding loss of any business data. One of the major advantages of IBM i modernization / AS400 Modernization is the enhanced experience for the end-users. Businesses have also witnessed a sizeable increase in productivity and improved system agility as a result of IBM i modernization in USA. Vofox has a systematic approach towards each client for modernization that primarily focuses on reducing the total cost of ownership and providing high ROI in the long run. We provide onsite and offshore development services for application modernization in USA that helps in reducing the total cost of the project by a greater extent.

Advantages of Modernizing your IBM Applications

The legacy application modernization is an ideal strategy to embrace the technological advances in the market and maintain a competitive business position.

Modernization brings a substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership and helps businesses achieve a higher ROI.

IBM iSeries modernization makes the interoperability between applications in an IT infrastructure flawless.

The transformation of your application from a green screen interface to rich dashboards/ GUI which provides your users with a better business experience.

Modernized applications can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms, applications and interfaces.

Green screen modernization increases the flexibility of an application and makes it compatible with the upcoming business demands.

Legacy software modernization/AS400 Modernization helps in increasing the reliability of the application as well as providing better performance.

Programmers in the latest technologies are readily available in the job market and hiring them is highly cost-effective when compared to RPG developers. A fully-fledged team of in house programmers becomes a great value addition during application enhancements in the future.

Our IBM i Modernization Approach

Vofox's IBM application modernization with smart automated tools, proven approach, and expert resources is a more economical, and low-risk alternative to take your business to grow, compete, and outsmart the market. We believe that an outright replacement of the application with the latest technology or codebase would not serve the purpose of modernization. Instead as a first step, we assess the client’s business and IT infrastructure. Our technology experts suggest a modernization strategy that would suit the application on an agility and scalability front based on the assessment.

Our IBM i modernization services include,

User interface modernization from green screen UI to a rich mobile and web UI.

Database modernization by adoption of latest structured SQL or non-SQL techniques according to the requirement.

Application code modernization from RPG/Cobol to C#,ASP.Net, javascript frameworks like ANGULAR, REACT, VUE.JS etc.

Our core area of focus is to enhance the application to provide you with a competitive edge in the market and resolve your business challenges. Once the application is modernized, the business data is safely migrated. The modernized application is tested in the client environment for its efficiency. Any additional changes in the application can be made as per requirement. Project documentation would be shared with the client for future references. At Vofox, we offer complete, integrated IBM application modernization tools for increased productivity, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and even enhanced revenue. Contact Vofox to modernize your IBM i applications with low risk and high returns.

Rehosting vs Modernization

The graph depicts the cost-benefit comparison between rehosting and modernization. While the cost parameter may vary based on the size of the project, the percentage difference remains the same. Rehosting refers to the migration of an on-premise IBM iSeries application to cloud which might seem to be a very cost-effective option when compared to modernization.

Even after rehosting, the application still runs on the old programming languages like RPG/COBOL due to which businesses face challenges such as high overhead cost for maintenance/ enhancement/support, unavailability of subject matter experts, maintenance and support resources in RPG, green-screen user interface etc. Considering the changes in modern business, the transformation of legacy systems to modern technologies will be unavoidable soon. The rehosting of applications is an expensive, time-consuming process and will only provide a temporary solution. Therefore, IBM i modernization is the right choice to transform legacy applications to new technology or platform, with same or enhanced functionality by adopting multiple software architecture models.

Businesses are on the lookout for a mobile version for every application as it is convenient for users, saves more time and money. The modernization of an iSeries application makes it easy to migrate into mobile platforms like IOS and android. Based on recent market predictions, it is expected that due to higher inflation rates retention and maintenance of legacy systems would be a costly affair. Hence it's in the best interest of the business, to modernize legacy systems in the IT infrastructure by effectively utilizing the hybrid methods of IBM i series modernization.

Vofox Inc: Your IBM i Series Modernization Partner

We at Vofox are passionate about bringing in the right transformation in our client’s business through the best IBM application modernization techniques. We believe that many current business challenges can be effectively addressed through IBM i modernization and help companies achieve a high ROI.

Business Challenge
Our Solution

Delayed modernization increases the complexity of the IT infrastructure, due to the lack of interoperability between the IBM iSeries systems and the modern applications

Vofox enables the client to achieve a flexible and scalable IT architecture through a systematic modernization strategy using the latest technologies while retaining your critical business logic

Shortages of qualified and experienced RPG resources for ongoing maintenance and support

Easy availability of technology professionals who are highly qualified and experienced in the latest technologies for maintenance and support

High overhead cost in maintenance and support of legacy applications

A notable drop in the total cost of ownership and assured high ROI post-modernization

Challenges in unlocking bigger business opportunities due to the inability to make the best use of the business data

Optimization of the application code and database enables the client to make the best use of business data by adopting modern technologies

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