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Modernization of RPG to Web

Modernizing your legacy RPG applications using the latest programming languages and architecture will provide obvious business advantages. Use C#, MVC, Dot Net and advanced javascript frameworks like Angular, Vue js etc helps to achieve the following.

Highly stylized, usable and interactive user interfaces

Structured and modular applications that can be easily integrated

Reduced IT costs with ease of maintenance and support

Competitive business position in the market due to enablement of the latest technologies

Easy availability of skilled IT resources on modern technologies

High scalability, agility, and easier user training

We have extensive expertise modernizing RPG applications to present-day technologies without affecting your RPG application logic or business data

Modernize with Vofox & Make the best out of your IT set up

Modern Web GUI

Extend your IBM investment by migrating from a green screen environment to a web-based graphical user interface and get your IT resources who are accustomed to the latest user interfaces easily on-board.

New Functionality

Increase user productivity by adding easy to access functionalities to your web-enabled screens like dropdowns, tabs, date pickers, images, charts and much more.

Mobile Access

Modernize your legacy RPG application and make it seamlessly accessible internally as well as remotely from any device and supported by any browser.

Rich Web apps

Effortlessly modernize your RPG application to a modern computing language like MVC, C#, Dot Net etc and create a responsive and intuitive rich web application where the web and desktop user experiences match. Use the proven benefits of advanced java frameworks like Angular, Vue.js, react.js etc to achieve efficient and easy to maintain user interfaces.

Mobile Web Apps

Deliver an enhanced user experience by modernizing your applications and making them mobile optimized. Create responsive mobile web applications with auto-resizing, geolocation and offline functionality supported across multiple platforms and devices.

Web Services

Create web services to achieve high interoperability between applications, easy sharing of data and services among servers, and reliable parsing of JSON strings and XML documents.

Web-Based Reports

Generate highly accurate web-based reports and smart analytics within minutes that can ensure the privacy and security of your application at any point.

Charts & KPIs

Provide real-time graphical reports that can be easily interpreted and accessed across any device. Generate web-based visual snapshots of your organization that can help users analyze their Key Performance indicators.


Generate interactive dashboards that drill down to even the lowest level detail helping management in decision making.

Why modernize with Vofox?

Highly Qualified team of experts

Hassle-free project execution

Accurate and detailed project estimates

Expertise in executing time-sensitive projects

Complete knowledge transfer

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can jumpstart your RPG modernization to web and mobile project without any delay and work in tandem with your expectations and timelines. Our team makes sure that the modernized application retains the original business logic and maintains the integrity of your critical business data intact. Vofox has extensive expertise in working on time-sensitive modernization projects by beginning with accurate and detailed project estimates. We believe in delivering quick yet effective results in RPG modernization to web and mobile project. We take initiative in doing a complete knowledge transfer where our experts will train and mentor you to effectively use, maintain, and enhance the modernized application environment.

As you know a modernized environment offers you multiple possibilities through which you can extend and enhance your application. Vofox has inherent expertise in modernizing IBM applications which have been in ILE RPG or RPG/ 400 into native Microsoft Dot Net environment. As a part of modernization, we also offer services where we can completely re-platform your application by migrating your IBM I database to a SQL server.

Make your Debugging efforts smarter

The troubleshooting of ILE code is generally a time-consuming and difficult process. Even though the ILE Debugger makes the efforts slightly easier, the modernization of your application environment is a smart choice to save more time in the long run.

Increased productivity of in-house programmers

The modernization of your application environment puts the efforts of a programmer in best use making his learning curve faster. A modernized and familiar application environment in technologies like MVC, C#, Dot Net etc is a highly motivating factor for them and results in increased productivity.

Reasonable investments in IT

Any new investment in information technology requires a detailed assessment due to its direct impact on business revenue. RPG modernization to web and mobile or a modernized application with a web-based user interface, highly motivated IT resources and happy end-users who are able to traverse through the application effortlessly make it easy to justify the investment to the stakeholders and the management.

Front-End modernization with Vofox

Vofox modernizes the front end of your application into intuitive and instantly accessible web interfaces using the latest JavaScript frameworks like Angular, VueJs, React Js, Aurelia, JQuery etc. We have the right resources and tested processes to deliver modern front ends in line with your business needs.

The front end modernization helps to achieve highly scalable and fully secured user interfaces, from the very good to the very best. The powerful and easily adaptable features and layouts result in high adaptability and a faster learning curve for new users who come on-board. We are always passionate about delivering excellence in your front end modernization project by following a proven approach that is fully streamlined to your goals.

Make your modernized RPG application mobile-friendly

We can help you make your modernized RPG application mobile-friendly using the latest mobile app technologies like Xamarin, Flutter,Native iOS and Android. Our team ensures an enhanced visual representation and complete user satisfaction through mobile versions of your modernized RPG application.

In today’s business scenario, mobile applications have become a must have for any business ranging from e-commerce to the financial sector. The inherent features in mobile applications like instant push notifications,easy updates as well as the QR Barcode scanner and GPS helps the workforce to effectively function at all times and encourages an interactive engagement. We have a dedicated team at Vofox who can confidently transform your RPG modernization to web and mobile into a mobile friendly environment.

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