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Built high-performance and rich front-end interfaces for your web and mobile applications that enable better user experience and usability. Our front-end development services focus on holistically incorporating the latest trends in design with more flexible technology stack.

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Our Approach

Identify Customer Journey

Brainstorm with your business experts to identify the experience customers want from your applications.

Rapid Prototyping

Develop wireframes and custom user journey models to suit your unique needs and incorporate feedbacks at every stage.

The Right Technology

Evaluating the right technology to build your front-end experience and setting up best practices for development.

Continuous Innovation

Partner with your business to incorporate future innovations sustainably and ensure competitiveness in the market.

Quality Assurance

Ensure reliability and conformance to usability standards, mobile friendliness and adherence to market trends.

Execute and Iterate

Build scalable web front-end interfaces, collaborate for feedback and iterate to arrive at the best fit solution.

Requirement Analysis


UI Designing

Frontend development





What we do

At Vofox, we are not just a typical design company that works for the bill, but we believe in long term partnerships that enable our clients to build sustainable experiences for their customers for increased loyalty. Our range of front-end services include:

UI Design Services

Before engineering a powerful web application to empower business growth over the internet, it is important to have a well-accepted and standard design for your application. The design chosen should incorporate renowned web usability standards, have extensive focus on usability, enable faster navigation for visitors and above all should incorporate modern styling and theming elements. Our range of services include product design, website and web application design, prototyping and wireframing, mobility experience design and digital marketing asset designs like landing pages for campaigns. At Vofox, our panel of experienced UI designers and artists, brainstorm to create aspiring design elements to power modern web solutions. From design thinking to user journey planning, our extensive design services integrate some of the best global practices in front-end web application design. By availing our UI design services, you can be assured of being offered enterprise web applications that can fulfil customer expectations in terms of usability, mobile friendliness and design inspirations.

Front-End Architecture Services

Having the best design is a key element of today’s web applications but equally important is the need to have a seamless technology architecture to support its long-term growth and change aspirations. At Vofox, our team of front-end specialists and architects leverage their combined experience to develop a powerful and flexible front-end technology framework to accommodate the most challenging of designs.

By analyzing long term business goals, trends in design evolution of web applications and by focusing on a quality driven approach to application development, we help architect sustainable front-end technology frameworks for aspiring businesses. Our experts will ensure that the architecture conceived will incorporate best practices to ensure that all major front-end principles such as responsive design, lightweight code for faster loading, SEO optimization and easier integration with other services are facilitated.

Custom Front-end Development Services

At Vofox, our pool of dedicated front-end specialists empowers some of the world’s premier businesses to engage their customers through interactive custom web applications. Our custom front-end development services ensure that highly tailored development requirements for niche projects can be seamlessly developed and customized.

Be it design to HTML or custom framework oriented front-end development using a range of technologies like React, Angular, JavaScript, etc. we ensure that your business-critical web and mobile applications have the most ergonomic and scalable front-end interfaces. With diligent requirement matching, reliable coding standards, framework oriented best practice incorporation and optimization efforts, our custom front-end development services have enabled clients to bring custom web apps faster to the market and offer quality services to their customers.

Transitioning to Responsive Web applications

Smartphones have turned out to be the primary source of traffic to web applications today and hence enabling your businesses web presence to be mobile friendly is of uttermost importance. Therefore, we have included responsive web application design as one of our key front-end services. Your existing web application, irrespective of the technology stack followed during development, can be transitioned into a responsive and highly mobile friendly version by availing the services of our dedicated front-end development team.

From creating the best wireframe for mobile experience to transitioning blocks of static code into dynamic and multi-device supporting interfaces, our responsive web design practices help build a sustainable web channel for your visitors irrespective of the device they use to access your web application.

The Technologies We Handle

Our team of dedicated front-end developers deliver intuitive interfaces for your critical business functions


Use Vofox’s state-of-the art Angular JS development services to build highly scalable and rich internet applications with dynamic interfaces and a large extended community support from Google for future enhancements.

Vue JS

Build progressive and highly complex enterprise grade applications with our Vue JS development services that leverage the full power of Vue JS’s extensive library support, streaming and tooling customizations.

React JS

Enable solid rendering performance for your web application’s front-end interfaces and re-define performance standards with our range of custom React JS development services tailored exclusively for you.


Enhance your enterprise web applications with rich custom features and tailored functionality with our unique high-end JavaScript services designed specifically for supporting modern web applications.


Deliver groundbreaking experiences to your website’s visitors with dynamic pages, cross browser compatible features and extensible web applications through our custom JQuery development services.


Embark on building even the most complex of web applications for your business with consistency, best in class performance and scalability with Vofox’s range of custom Aurelia development services.

Ember JS

Build engaging user experiences across your corporate applications and enterprise web applications with our Ember JS development services that help bring unique features like two-way data binding and MVC architecture.


Transform your web presence into highly responsive and scalable web applications that provide optimal usability and experience for visitors with our Bootstrap development services.


Build dynamic, secure and high performing enterprise web and mobile applications having seamless user experience and integrated functionality with our intuitive and custom HTML 5 development services.

Industries We Serve

Over the years Vofox has catered to customers from across several challenging business streams and domains by building world-class front-end interfaces for their web operations.


Building a smarter and competitive ecosystem for the entire logistic value chain ranging from warehouse management apps to intuitive web booking experiences for customers.


Building the next generation of student friendly front-end interfaces to propel educational service providers into the digital realm.

Energy & Utilities

Empowering healthcare providers to streamline care delivery through intuitively engineered world class web portals.


Empowering healthcare providers to streamline care delivery through intuitively engineered world class web portals.

Retail & e-Commerce

Building high usability integrated and custom front-end interfaces for powerful e-commerce and retail platforms.

Travel & Tourism

Enabling improved booking experiences for travel web applications through powerful front-end architecture tailored to their needs.

Professional Businesses

Maximizing business operation efficiency through highly intuitive front-end interfaces for web and mobile apps aiding professional service consultants.

Real Estate

Improve real estate selling through fast paced and agile web application marketplaces for better reach and convenient interactions with prospects.

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Why should you Choose Vofox’s Custom Front End Development services in USA?

With more than a decade of being the best front-end developers in USA, Vofox has created a unique space for rapid collaboration for today’s businesses in their custom front-end development needs.
From design wireframing to HTML conversion and framework/platform integration, Vofox is known to have the best front-end programmers in USA to do the job.

Our unique specialties include

Faster Deployment Time

Accelerate your custom web development needs with Vofox’s trusted front-end practices that combine decades of experience with internationally recognized best practices in design and development.

Diverse Technology Acumen

Our pool of dedicated front-end developers offer you access to a large plethora of front-end technology ranging from open source languages to high end proprietary frameworks that ensures you have the best option always.

Cost Effective

Our consultants leverage knowledge from years of experience to arrive at accurate estimates, faster and more efficient work models and better utilization to provide a better costing structure for customers.

Sustainable Roadmap

From design to deployment, our focus on leveraging the best in class technology and scalable front-end frameworks helps customers to ensure sustainable growth and expansion of their web assets in future on demand.

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