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Propel your business into the world of smartphones with mobile apps targeting your customers across a range of devices. Our custom mobile app development services enable you to incorporate smarter features, integrate with third-party applications, capture trending design elements, and provide a seamless experience for end users irrespective of their smartphone OS. Being one of the best mobile app development companies, we offer high-quality custom mobile app development Services for all types of businesses.

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Why Vofox Mobile App Development Team?

The success of a mobile application depends on how much user attention it could garner and retain from the time it is launched. Vofox as a professional Mobile App Development company designs distinct mobile app strategy that would help you focus on customer acquisition and retention at the same time.

Vofox Inc has high level expertise in helping businesses achieve impeccable growth through mobile technology across all platforms and devices. We create mobile applications with robust features like rich dashboards, Sales analysis, real time reports, live alerts etc in different platforms like Android, iOS and cross platforms. We modernize your legacy application that run on outdated RPG code into a powerful android, iOS or hybrid mobile apps without affecting it's original business logic. In the digital world, the right mobile application can boost your business and provide you with a competitive edge in the market. We can help your mobile app strategy turn into a reality and give your business a smarter push and help you stay at the top of your game.

Being the leading mobile application development company, our core area of focus is to build the entire gamut of highly scalable mobility solutions that can empower your business in the digital world. Our mobile development services include mobile app consulting, UI/UX design, development, testing, quality assurance, mobile app integration and maintenance and support. We can partner with you on a project basis or help you bring on-board a highly experienced team of developers who can help you build reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Mobile app development services - Here is what we offer

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Native App Development

Our native app developers have hands-on experience in creating high performing native mobile applications that can offer upright device fidelity, perfect integration with the hardware devices ,exemplary user experience and other potential hardware-specific features.

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Cross-Platform App Development

We develop cross platform mobile applications with a single code base and technology so that you can effectively deploy it across multiple target platforms. Our key objective is to help you save on your development time and achieve a faster turnaround time. We use pre-built components and centralized code for quick deployment cycles.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

As an enterprise mobility expert, we leave no stone unturned to completely understand your business process and create programs and managed services that can exceed your expectations. We provide real time visibility of your entire mobile fleet and design mobility services that are unique to your business process and goals.

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Mobile App Strategy

If you are planning to formulate a mobile app strategy that can hamper your business productivity we got you covered. Our mobile app development team devises customer-centric mobile app strategy that enables businesses to focus on customer acquisition as well as retention.

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Best User Experience

The key objective of a mobile application is to deliver the seamless and effective user experience. We put tremendous effort in creating the WOW factor for the users while they navigate through the app.

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Understanding The Customer’s Vision

The primary focus of the Vofox team is to understand the vision of the customer. Once we understand your intent, the design team creates a strategy that can be technically executed. Our engineering team takes the responsibility of devising an application that has robust functionalities, highly scalable features, and a seamless user experience.

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Getting Acquainted With Customers

In order to build a successful mobile application, it is important to understand the factors that would make it unique and user friendly. This is possible only if we synthesize your input along with our analysis at the same time. We devise a strategy that would target the right platform in the right order so as to create versatile and valuable mobile applications.

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Touching The Depths

Vofox helps you lay the right foundation to your mobile strategy by offering timely product consultation and design-led development. We have expertise in building server-based APIs, doing API integrations, social logins, working with offline features with local database and data synchronization, push notifications as well as designing apps based on proprietary logic.

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Our Stack Of Mobile App Technologies

Our core objective in mobile development is to devise optimal mobile app strategies that ensure maximum growth with minimum investment. We optimize the time required for development through effective project management. Our engineering team creates centralized codes that guarantee easy switching and shorten the turnaround time.

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High Value For Investment

Vofox has a track record of executing large scale projects successfully. We follow a consulting driven approach to maximize the ROI and ensure on-time, on-budget delivery of the project. Vofox engineering team promptly works on every feedback received from the customer during the project life cycle resulting in high-value creation.

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Realtime Customer Feedback

Vofox believes in keeping the customer on the same page at every stage of development. The development process has been divided into multiple phases to make this work. Each phase once completed, would be followed by a customer-driven iteration to ensure that the expectations are met.

Vofox IOS Mobile App Development Service

Vofox has set an outstanding benchmark in the market in devising highly resourceful, secure and reliable iOS applications across various industry verticals

Client focused and transparent development process

Complete resourcefulness of Apple SDK

Versatile user experience

Complete Data confidentiality and security

Innovative app delivery with business specific customization

Development inline with the Apple’s Human Interface guideline

Vofox Android Development Service

Vofox has high-level expertise in delivering exceptional android experiences through flawless development and thorough testing. Android is a highly scalable and promising technology and our team focuses on leveraging every bit of what the platform can offer. We have expertise in Android SDK (Software Development Kit), Android Media APIs, Location-based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture, social media integration, cloud computing, payment integration, server-side APIs etc. Vofox engineering team focuses on delivering effective and versatile android applications at competitive prices.

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Higher Return on Investment

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Seamless integration with multiple platforms

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Quicker play store approval

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Best in market UI/UX experience

What Vofox Offers As The Best Mobile App Development Company?

Custom Android application development

Android shopping application development

Android business application development

Android multimedia application development

Augment android application developers

Testing, Support and Maintenance of Android Applications

What Vofox assures as the best Mobile App Developers in USA?

High-end customization

Best in the Industry Applications

Latest and Trending Technologies

Quality Assurance

On-time delivery

100% confidentiality

Constant support

100% customer satisfaction

Xamarin App Development Service

Vofox offers development of native user interfaces, cross-platform development in c# language and the use of the visual studio as well as xamarin studio. Vofox has an expert team of developers in Xamarin who can create exceptional mobile applications across various platforms. The interchangeability of codebase helps in easy maintenance of the app across all platforms.

Vofox team has significant experience in Xamarin projects and follows a strategic approach to ensure that the expectations of the customer are met. We focus on on-time delivery of projects that are budget-friendly. Our core objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and we put in our best foot forward to ensure the same.

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React Native Development

Vofox is a one-stop-shop for developing react-native based solutions from prototyping, devising the solution architecture, UI/UX design, development of the solution, flawless integration with backend APIs and third-party API integration. Our engineering team is well- versed in creating mobile applications with cutting edge features, consistent user experience, high-security plug-ins, consistent data encryption, admin dashboard etc.

Vue Native Development

Vofox creates intuitive mobile apps in Vue native with minimal coding and components that can deliver higher performance across any technology platform. Our team has worked in various domains including healthcare, e-commerce, fintech etc and ensures the on-time delivery of the project.

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