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Entrust your digital operations to our experienced team and focus on your core business while we manage, scale, and ensure availability of your enterprise applications. We offer risk-free management of your core IT assets while you build newer business models that are powered by innovative technology solutions.

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Benefits of Vofox Managed IT services

Control IT costs

Setting up and maintenance of an IT infrastructure involves a lot of expenses. Vofox provides a customized solution for all our customers which helps them to control their IT expenditure by a greater extent.

Experienced & Qualified IT resources

Vofox has a fully-fledged team of well experienced, qualified IT resources in various technologies and platforms.

Reduce labor cost

For organizations who would not want to maintain an inhouse technical team, we can offer skilled IT resources at various levels of management.

Increase Efficiency and competitiveness

We provide faster response time for any implementation or support request from our client. We can also handle the software and hardware vendor management so that our client need not have complicated technical conversations with their vendors.

Uninterrupted focus on your Core business

Vofox allows businesses to focus on their ever-changing demands and ongoing betterment by single-handedly taking care of day to day IT challenges.

Seamless implementation of new technologies

With our well-equipped team of technology experts, Vofox ensures seamless implementation of any new technology into an IT infrastructure without interrupting the business process.

Reduce Risk

Every business has to abide by government regulations, financial conditions, technology upgrades, changing market etc… Vofox can handle such risk factors using our vast industry knowledge in areas like compliance and security.

Proactive Solution

Vofox puts in a proactive effort to ensure that the IT system faces nearly zero glitches and minimal downtime.

Leave your IT hassles to us and focus on your core business

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Our Managed IT services

Application Development

Vofox is a pioneer in developing software, web and mobile application across multiple industries and verticals. It involves a series of processes such as designing, programming, testing, bug fixing, documentation etc. Once created, these software applications need constant maintenance and support. In today’s digital market place, an agile and scalable software application help businesses to keep up their position. Vofox brings in that outside perspective in your software development process and helps you constantly improve your technology stream.

We understand that every software development process is unique and therefore we focus on providing a specific and customized approach for each customers so as to help them achieve their distinctive business objectives.

DevOps As a Services (DaaS)

The term ‘DevOps’ refers to two major business units in an IT department, software development and IT operations. DaaS is a phrase that denotes the agile relationship between these two business units. DaaS advocates effective communication and collaboration between these two business units. It also encourages cross skill sharing in order to make the two units work more effectively as a team. Whenever a software application is created, it is important to ensure that the development and delivery efforts are in sync and DaaS takes care of that. DaaS advocates several tools and methodologies in order to make the software development life cycle as seamless as possible.

Vofox helps you to leverage DaaS to track and review every development and delivery effort during a software development process. We help our clients to formulate strategies to achieve the development objectives and monitor the outcome along with providing adequate feedback to every member of the development pipeline. Many software teams are not able to succeed in pulling off challenging projects because irrespective of having a talented team they do not have an efficient workflow to abide. In order to make the DevOps transformation successful, we offer DevOps consulting that helps members of both the teams to work collaboratively to achieve the internal objectives. It provides an unbiased view of the system and helps in identifying specific aspects that need rectification or betterment.

What is Managed IT Services?

A well-timed investment in the right technology is an important decision for organizations to scale up in this competitive marketplace. The latest technologies make organizations competent enough to meet every new business objective. Since IT and business are interdependent, the effectiveness of an IT service defines the organization’s success in a business initiative. These days many organizations are inclined towards outsourcing some or all of their IT services to a third-party service provider. This provides an opportunity to focus on the betterment of the business while being assured about the robustness and performance of the IT service.

The capability of a managed IT service provider is directly linked to the success rate of the IT services that are run by them. The areas of focus under managed IT services include software development services, DevOps As a Service, end to end monitoring of the IT system, on-demand IT support and problem resolution. The service providers are bound by an SLA / service level agreement. The SLA includes details such as responsibilities of both parties, assessment criteria of the service provider like minimum response time, liability protection for the service provider etc.

The need for managed IT service provider

With the vast growth of cloud services and the availability of high-speed internet, many organizations are looking into a new perspective for managing their IT services. We focus on helping organizations to be at ease about their IT needs and focus on the betterment of the business. Vofox takes the end to end responsibility for the IT services outsourced to us. Managed IT services is the best option for organizations who might no need full time in-house IT resource. Vofox offers customized and strategic planning in order to ensure that the long term and short term goals in a project are achieved.

Vofox managed IT services in USA has an extensive technical resource pool that includes software developers, business analysts, designers, quality engineers, project managers etc. In the field of software development, leveraging external expertise through managed IT solutions can add value to their development process. This increases the pace of the software development life cycle by a greater extent. More often a third party perspective on an ongoing development process is considered as a valuable input in order to streamline and improvise the software development life cycle.

Why Hire Vofox for Managed IT Services?

Vofox has a fully-fledged team of technology professionals to whom you can entrust some or all of your IT services and be rest assured about achieving your IT objectives.

Hiring a professional can benefit you in many ways

Your Rules: Hiring a team of talented development professionals allows you to be at ease about achieving the software development objectives in a stipulated timeline

Seamless Project Management: Vofox development project team would have resources at various levels such as a programmer, team leader, project manager etc who will ensure having 100% control over the project

Cost Efficiency: Managed IT services have proven to be highly cost effective when compared to hiring and training a resource for inhouse

Increase Productivity: Vofox development team works on a stipulated timeline based on a strategic project workflow to ensure that 100% productivity can be availed throughout the project life cycle

Quicker response time to emergency situations: In case of an emergency situation during the project, Vofox has a dedicated team who would be available to assist you with the fastest response time possible

Flexibility: The resource requirement of a project might vary on the go. We provide enough flexibility to scale up or scale down the resources during the project and work towards a successful completion

Faster Go to market: We at Vofox entrust dedicated professionals with each project to ensure that their Go To Market time is much faster

Visible success: Dedicated timelines and periodic reviews showcases guaranteed success rates at each stage of the project

Works on various platforms: The unique part of Vofox managed IT services is that we are not just associated with a single technology or platform. We have teams working on multiple platforms and various trending technologies

Ongoing support: Vofox support team believes in a long term reliable partnership with all our clients

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