Top benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Services

Published On: 04-10-2021 06:02

A successful business expects to have the accurate tools and expertise at their disposal. The ideal balance of quality and quantity is what will benefit your organization to achieve its long term business objectives. Having the right team who have specialized skill sets is key to optimizing your services, but this can be overwhelming as circumstances and preferences keep changing. IT staffing service providers have become valuable for businesses involved in developing high-quality custom software.

It can be pretty hard to onboard new IT resources into your inhouse team when you need to ramp up your tech position quickly to meet the sudden requirements. In this kind of scenario, onboarding new IT resources to fulfill the gaps can be a costly and time-consuming process. One of the major benefits of IT staff augmentation is that it supports businesses to find the best resources for their development demands. This article gives valuable insight to the importance of IT staff augmentation and its benefits.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is when you extend your in-house team, mostly in IT or engineering, with more employees who support the development of new products, address extra help, or otherwise serve the company. These additional resources are typically delivered by a specialist staff augmentation company. These vendors are meant to take care of the hiring and training so that businesses can stay focused on the most important matters. Although these additional resources operate from offshore, they work as a part of their clients inhouse team like their full time employee working on-shore.

Why is Staff Augmentation Important?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to attract qualified tech talent. The 2020 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey of over 4,200 global IT/tech leaders found that nearly two-thirds of organizations deemed a skills deficiency was putting them back. And back in 2019, Gartner identified ‘talent shortage’ as the top emerging skepticism challenging business organizations. Staff augmentation firms offer direct access to these hard-to-find professionals, wherever they are in the market.

Let’s look at some of the main advantages of IT staff augmentation services:

1. No Hiring Hassle

A staff augmentation vendor will do all the back-end hassles associated with onboarding a resource. They will give you assistance in recruitment, training and support of the resources who will help develop your software project. These resources will enhance full members of your team, completely dedicated to you for as long as you demand them. All you want to do is determine how many further team members you want and what skill qualifications they must maintain, the rest will be considered.

2. Scale Up and Down With Ease

Software projects advance rapidly, and you have to be capable of accommodating variable market requirements. But finding and onboarding new in-house employees takes time, particularly when you’re searching for someone with specialized skill sets and experiences. By leveraging staff augmentation, it is far more comfortable to ramp up more resources.

Staff augmentation can also solve the problem of overstaffing. Once a plan has been delivered, you may not require the same program of talent going ahead, forcing you to lay off otherwise skilled employees. Staff augmentation gives you the advantage to momentarily improve your lineup while you maintain a lean in-house team.

3. Quality Control

In a more conventional outsourcing model, you may have insufficient control over which team members are allowed to your projects. And you may not be ready to evaluate the quality of their work until the delivery of the ultimate product when it’s too overdue.

Some software projects may require a demanding set of tech experiences that aren’t applicable to different parts of the same company. Staff augmentation allows you to look around for that particular person who can satisfy your specific need. This staffing knowledge helps put the most qualified people in a room (virtual or otherwise) to troubleshoot difficulties and deliver inventive solutions on time and within budget.

4. Transparency

Transparency is one of the major benefits of choosing the right staff augmentation company. A typical outsourcing relationship serves to rely on an enigmatic and unpredictable process. Sure, it seems like a reasonable solution on paper, but think about what you don’t understand:

  • Is the contractor’s project management style compatible with yours?
  • How do they handle constitutional workflows: are they practicing Waterfall, Scrum, Agile, or some other development framework?
  • Your contract may promise you the last product, but without further details does it give you the assurance that the product will appear bug-free and set to go?


Leverage the best of this outsourcing strategy by evaluating the requirements to determine the appropriate expertise required. In addition to this, you are taking in new means assuming more information and technological advance your business will get. Either way, you are helping with more satisfying know-how, enhanced capacity, and effective applications. When you partner with an IT staff Augmentation provider, you can bring in top talents into your in-house team.

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