Top 5 reasons to modernize IBM i Series Systems

Published On: 13-07-2021 06:00

Today, companies that use IBM i Series application servers (previously known as the AS400-- or System 36) are migrating to modern IT landscapes to integrate new technologies, minimize IT investment, increase scalability, and achieve digital agility. These systems were unique when introduced by IBM in 1988. They are known for their reliability, robustness, and low ownership cost, with its database and OS embedded within. It is estimated that about 10 million enterprises across the globe rely on AS/400 systems for running their business-critical applications. In this section we will analyse the reasons to modernize IBM i Series Systems. Despite these advantages, a growing number of enterprises are now increasingly modernizing these systems. The risk of running their business-critical applications on this aging hardware platform is the main reason for them to go with modernization. However, IT modernization is not as simple as it sounds. Green Screen UI, uniform codebase, huge server upgrade costs, and highly obscure business rules are some of the challenges that make modernization quite challenging. Although modernization can be an intimidating undertaking, many successful companies that previously used the iSeries have now migrated to the cloud and from RPG to newer languages. In this blog post, we will dive into 5 main reasons to modernize IBM i Series systems.

Green Screen Interface

Even today, many enterprises still run their mission-critical workloads on iSeries applications that look something from the 70s, which can negatively impact user experience and productivity. In the coming years, the use of the Green Screen Interface will completely disappear as more and more companies give priority to mobility and web-based interfaces. Modernizing i Series green screen interfaces to GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) or intuitive web-based interfaces can give you added benefits such as improved user experience, better workflow, device mobility, simpler maintenance, increased productivity, reduced errors, time savings, and the flexibility to support new business functions.

Integrate new business capabilities.

Enterprises that rely on iSeries systems often face difficulty in onboarding new technologies and functionalities that are vital for their current business needs. Relying on legacy systems limits the ability of your enterprise to adopt new business capabilities. This can inhibit the growth and scalability of your business. Moreover, transforming your RPG code into modern languages can significantly reduce the maintenance time of applications. These strategies on the AS400 system modernization benefits you with a competitive edge and help satisfy your current and future enterprise demands.

Unavailability of Programmers

If your enterprise relies on iSeries systems, you will find it increasingly difficult to recruit RPG developers. This is because most of the RPG programmers who worked with the AS/400 systems have already retired or soon will. Today’s developers are simply not learning RPGs. The only way you can deal with this issue is by modernizing your RPG code to modern languages/frameworks such as, C#, PHP, etc. This will give you added benefits such as code reusability, maintainability, agility, and flexibility.

Adopt Cloud Computing

Access to advanced cloud capabilities is another benefit of IBM i modernization. Transitioning applications from iSeries servers to modern cloud-based technologies such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP enables you to access advanced cloud capabilities such as high scalability, capacity on-demand, low latency, self-service provisioning, etc. Transitioning to cloud-based platforms enables you to efficiently make use of modern technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, and IoT to enhance customer experience and drive business outcomes.

Mitigate Risk

You can use modernization as an opportunity to keep up with the current security standards that are needed for the detection and containment of system vulnerabilities and reliability risks. Various security threat reports across the globe indicate that almost 10 billion pieces of sensitive user information within legacy systems got exposed by malicious activities in the last 8 years. This vulnerability can only be countered by modernizing your legacy systems and will ultimately help you to stay ahead of constant security threats.

Does your business still rely on legacy AS/400? Are you interested in replacing your legacy systems with a modern software package without changing existing business logic? Do you need to modernize your company's backend systems to automate manual processes?

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