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Published On: 26-01-2023 06:02

What is Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)? Is It Still relevant in 2023?

What is Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Page is an Open source coding project that was started by Google, together with several other technology organizations created to improve the performance of web pages for mobile. It uses a stripped-down version of HTML and streamlined JavaScript to reduce the amount of data that needs to be loaded and processed, resulting in faster page load times, lower bounce rates, and improved user experience for mobile users. AMP pages can be served through a special Google AMP cache, and are easily discoverable by users through search engines like Google.

How does AMP work?

  • The pages load faster as it is rendered by optimized HTML code and only the most relevant information and images remain after certain elements like videos, advertisements, and animations have been eliminated. This can result in faster page load times for mobile users.
  • When a user clicks on an AMP link, Google may display the cached information almost immediately.
  • E-commerce websites that use AMP have seen an increase in sales and conversions, reported to be around 20%.
  • You are limited to using the AMP-provided javascript library. This is done to ensure that the page remains fast and optimized. (This is done to maintain the fast and optimized performance of the page. By using the AMP-provided library, developers can be sure that the JavaScript they use on their pages will not slow down the page load time or affect the overall performance.

It's important to note that the benefits of using AMP may vary based on various factors like network speed, device capabilities, etc.

Core Components Of Accelerated Mobile Page

AMP is characterized by the following three components:

AMP HTML:AMP HTML is a specialized version of HTML that features mobile-specific elements and tags not found in regular HTML (HTML5). This results in faster content loading on mobile devices due to its optimized performance features.

AMP Javascript:A custom JavaScript library provided by the AMP project that is optimized for performance and designed to work seamlessly with AMP HTML. This library is required for all AMP pages and is used to load and render the page components.

AMP CDN:Every Accelerated Mobile Page website is cached and stored on multiple servers. Using a content delivery network, this content can be delivered to the user most efficiently and has the benefit of frequently testing the performance of the page which helps to prevent mistakes.

These three components work together to create fast-loading, optimized web pages that provide a better user experience for mobile users.

Advantages & Drawbacks Of Accelerated Mobile Page.

Advantages Of AMP:
  • Better website loading time: AMP significantly makes it a lot easier for a website to load fast across all platforms and improves its user-friendliness. By streamlining performance and increasing speed, AMP eliminates all unnecessary content.
  • AMP Helps With SEO:The use of AMP technology is favored by Google's search algorithms, resulting in improved rankings because the page load speed is a ranking factor. The relationship between site speed and conversion rate is clear - a website that loads quickly is more likely to retain its visitors and increase the likelihood of conversions, such as registering or making a purchase. As AMP technology enhances page loading speed, pages utilizing this technology are recognized and rewarded with higher rankings compared to non-AMP pages.
  • Increase Your ROI: With Accelerated Mobile Pages, the ability to deliver pages seamlessly across various platforms is possible. This allows for a streamlined advertising experience, as you can create your advertisements just once and have them displayed on both AMP and non-AMP pages. The compatibility of AMP with all major browsers improves website functionality, resulting in increased clicks and improved revenue and return on investment.
  • Mobile Optimization:With AMP, it is possible to determine whether a mobile page is leading to the necessary conversions or not, and take corrective measures to improve the situation. AMP helps in delivering fast-loading pages on mobile devices, providing an enhanced user experience that leads to higher engagement
  • Improve Server Performance Of The Website:To some extent., the use of AMP can result in a website receiving more mobile traffic, as the technology prioritizes the loading of essential content and enhances the user experience on mobile devices. This increased traffic can lighten the load on servers, as the pages load more quickly and efficiently, reducing the server's processing requirements.
Drawbacks of AMP:
  • Increase Performance Using Cache: This statement is partially true. AMP does rely on caching to deliver fast-loading pages, and it uses a content delivery network (CDN) to cache and serve AMP pages from a network of servers around the world. This helps to reduce the latency and loading time of AMP pages, and it can be an effective way to improve website performance. However, the reliance on caching can also be a drawback of using AMP. If the cache is not properly configured or maintained, it can result in stale content being served to users, or users being unable to access the most up-to-date version of a page
  • Limited Analytics: AMP does support Google Analytics, and it requires the use of specific tags to collect data from AMP pages. This can limit the use of some advanced analytics features and integrations, and website owners may need to make adjustments to their tracking setup to use Google Analytics with AMP. However, the limitations on analytics with AMP are relatively minor, and Google Analytics provides a wealth of data and insights that can be used to track and understand user behavior on AMP pages. Additionally, there are several other analytics tools and services that are compatible with AMP.
  • Weak Brand Identity: When users access an AMP page through the Google AMP Viewer, they do not see the original URL of the website. Instead, the URL of the page is displayed as a Google-hosted URL, which can affect the perception of the website's brand identity. However, it is worth noting that the original URL of the page is still accessible and can be seen by clicking on the information tab at the top of the AMP page. Additionally, website owners have the option to customize the appearance of their AMP pages to some extent, which can help to reinforce their brand identity and provide a consistent experience for users
  • Limits social sharing: Accelerated Mobile pages are built using a limited subset of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and as a result, some complex scripts and features may not be supported. This can include social sharing buttons, which are often created using JavaScript. On AMP pages, these buttons may not display correctly or may not work at all. However, many popular social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, have developed AMP-compatible sharing buttons that can be used on AMP pages.

Is AMP Still Relevant In 2023?

AMP did receive significant attention when it first launched, and it promised improved speed, mobile traffic, and conversion rates. However, as mobile optimization has advanced and website owners have become more experienced in creating mobile-friendly websites, the popularity of AMP has somewhat decreased. There are indeed some limitations and restrictions associated with AMP, including limitations on third-party JavaScript, design restrictions, the absence of a comment section, and difficulties with social media sharing. These factors have contributed to a decrease in the popularity of AMP, and website owners have increasingly turned to other technologies and approaches for mobile optimization. However, AMP remains a valuable tool for website owners who are focused on delivering fast and engaging mobile experiences, and it continues to be widely used and supported by several organizations and businesses. Also,

This technology continues to play an important role in improving the performance of mobile websites and delivering fast-loading pages to users. With the increasing importance of mobile optimization and the growing use of mobile devices for browsing the web, AMP remains a key tool for website owners looking to enhance the user experience and improve search engine visibility. Additionally, as technology and user behavior continue to evolve, Accelerated Mobile Page is being updated and refined to meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Side Note:

The fundamental idea behind AMP pages is to give users all the information they need while accepting design restrictions and keeping only the essential user-interface standards. Google can load your pages 15% to 85% faster when Accelerated Mobile Page is enabled on your website. Most websites experienced an improvement in rankings following the deployment of AMP. However, Google has not officially acknowledged AMP as a ranking component. However, it can have a negligible effect on your website's rankings. It's important to think carefully before deciding to implement Google AMP on your website. While it helps websites rank well in Google SERP and loads pages very quickly, it also has a set of restrictions that must be adhered to. The AMP project is still in its early stages, making its execution tricky. We advise website owners to build a few testing pages in AMP before deciding whether to deploy it for their company.

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