When To Use IBM i Application Modernization Strategies

Published On: 19-07-2022 06:02

When To Use IBM i Application Modernization Strategies

As we discuss IBM i application modernization strategies, we emphasize the significance of updating obsolete IBM i programs. In today's era of digital transformation, modernization is a must for businesses across all industries. It is also getting increasingly significant with each passing year. Modernizing your applications can greatly aid in maintaining the staff and organizations you've worked so hard to establish and ensure that you don't run out of top talent for your digital infrastructure. However, no firm wants to continue with a fading technology.

Modernizing enterprise IT systems, on the other hand, is a complex process with implications across numerous company functions. As a result, modernization must be approached with caution. Knowing some modernization strategies and having the means to put them into practice isn’t enough to make a project a success.

Companies may get additional value out of IBM i applications by extending them to mobile devices. These activities help meet their objectives, and they can often be accomplished with existing resources, the proper technologies, and the right business partner. Web and mobile technologies are suited for a phased, agile strategy to modernization that allows businesses to see immediate results.

Vofox provides a number of solutions that provide organizations complete control over their IBM i upgrading projects. Our approach focuses on meeting short-term demands without risking long-term objectives. Maintain what works, improve what doesn't, and create new apps all within the same framework for convenience. Spend less time and money concentrating on how your company needs to modernize.

Given the complexity of these methodologies and the unique demands of specific organizations, we've compiled a list of critical criteria for evaluating legacy application modernization options. Most important factors to consider while assessing IBM i application modernization strategies:

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Speed of Implementation

You must evaluate the time commitment required by each application modernization option. Especially in the present fast-paced business world, this is unquestionably one of the most crucial characteristics. And thus it implies the speed of implementation.

Cost of Implementation

A further crucial consideration for every business is the relative cost of implementing an IBM i upgrading strategy. Modernizing becomes cost-effective and has low risk when it's well planned and managed.

Commitment to corporate goals

When selecting a modernization technique, corporate objectives should also be your top priority. We need to be aware of your objectives as well as the immediate and long-term consequences of putting a modernization strategy into place.

Improvement of business procedures

Evaluate how application modernization strategies will help to enhance and optimize operating procedures at different organizational levels. Accessing new features, functions, and benefits implies not only that your software is modernized, but so is the way your professionals use it.

Gives the best performance

IBM i is easy to maintain and is the best performing platform for enterprise applications and is highly reliable. Technologists all over the world improve innovation by using modernized software applications to boost productivity.


The resources used to carry out the implementation are equally important. It doesn’t require a DBA or many resources to maintain the applications

Availability of tools

The quality of certain tools and their compatibility with the IBM i architecture is critical for many strategies.

Final thoughts

It's vital to consider how to pick a modernization technique and when to use it. Choosing the proper method is half the battle, given the range of strategies available and the particular needs of each firm. To get it right, evaluate your applications and processes and prioritize the ones that need to be updated the most. This is especially critical as businesses grow and add more apps to their portfolios. At Vofox, we have assisted several businesses’ technical teams in modernizing and expanding the IBM i functionality. We deliver an IBM i solution to meet your demands, whether you need to develop new apps, modernize current apps, or create a whole ERP. The features and functionality of technology start to affect the firm when it becomes outdated. The customer experience can affect a certain brand or service, and legacy IT systems can also have an impact on that experience. Fortunately, businesses may reap the rewards of modern technology without losing money. A low-cost strategy to save your IT costs is to modernize your applications.

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